Game development is currently, without question, one of the hottest topics in the software industry. Gaming among end-users has become extremely common and widespread, largely due to the proliferation of mobile devices, providing game developers significant new revenue streams. At the same time, game development continues to be an interesting and engaging field in terms of software engineering, and allows software engineers to continuously challenge and push themselves in different and fulfilling ways. In this module, we will learn numerous common techniques, technologies, tools and other ways in which aspiring game developers can create new games while learning to understand the principles of how games work and how they can be developed.


Introduction to mobile game development

Developing graphical user interfaces

Understanding and using sprites; moving, rotation and manipulating sprites

Interacting with a game loop and implementing timed actions

User input, transitions and menus

Text, fonts, bitmap graphics

User input, transitions and menus

Handling different screen sizes and resolutions

Making menus and popups; complete user interface flow

Handling multiple scenes in an application

Animations and sound effects

Implementing simple physics and collision detection

Implementing a scrolling background

Animating sprites using sprite sheets

Implementing high score lists


5 days


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