EM318 Developing infrastructure for AWS

Duration: 5 days

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It is common for new applications to be developed with the cloud in mind and with cloud-based environments as the intended deployment environment. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a very popular option for the deployment of scalable software solutions that can be used globally and that can be scaled to very large numbers of users as necessary. But cloud environments can be very different from traditional software development and deployment approaches, and many things in the cloud are done differently or should be done differently in order to maximize the cloud environment and its approach. In this module, we will consider the nature and structure of the Amazon cloud and the AWS deployment infrastructure. We will design, develop and deploy actual programs to an AWS account in order to understand the functionality. We will write CloudFormation scripts and consider common AWS products (EC2, S3, ECS, Fargate, Lambda) to have a practical view on how the cloud environment works. At the end of this module, attendees should be able to practically work in the AWS cloud environment and have a good foundation for continued learning in this field.


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