EM316 Using Transact-SQL with Microsoft SQL Server

Duration: 5 days

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This module introduces the usage of Transact-SQL, the SQL flavor used in the Microsoft SQL Server. The attendees will go through various features of Transact-SQL, along with practical exercises in designing and creating databases, inserting, updating and querying data, as well as in creating and executing stored procedures, triggers and indexes. As an end-result, the attendees are expected to be able to have all the necessary knowledge to work with databases in a Transact-SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) environment.


Emerge Trainings acknowledges your hard work. All participants that complete this training receive a Certificate of Completion. Depending on the training solution that your company has selected, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, cloud servers, student manuals and venue may also be included.

The inclusions may vary for public and private training runs.

Training Venue

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