EM109 Mathematics and programming logic

Duration: 10 days

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All programming and software engineering tasks and concepts at their core are based on mathematics. Consequently, a solid understanding of mathematics and mathematical concepts are imperative for establishing a good foundation for a career in software development. In this module, we will review several common mathematical techniques and concepts, and will apply them particularly in the context of developing software applications. The objective is to strengthen the core mathematical skills of the attendees, as well as to provide them with a vision of how a solid grasp of mathematics can effectively contribute to a more efficient and effective software development discipline.


Emerge Trainings acknowledges your hard work. All participants that complete this training receive a Certificate of Completion. Depending on the training solution that your company has selected, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, cloud servers, student manuals and venue may also be included.

The inclusions may vary for public and private training runs.

Training Venue

All Emerge trainings can be conducted in different locations globally.

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