This Android app development training course focuses on the development of mobile applications for Android devices from several different vendors. Learn android programming and app development in a class that learns together with the help of a professional industry trainor. We introduce the specific methods, technologies and skills required for mobile app development using the Android platform, utilizing tools and mechanisms that are introduced both on the command line as well as within the Android Studio IDE in order to facilitate deeper understanding and to turn the participants into capable mobile app developers. By the end of the module, the participants will have the knowledge and experience to develop Android apps, and will be intimately familiar with the overall discipline of mobile app development.


Introduction to the Android platform (history, Java, Dalvik, Android devices and ecosystem, architecture, APIs, security and permissions, application distribution methods)

Development tools (JDK, Android SDK, Ant, Eclipse, adb); installation, configuration and usage of the tools; setting up the emulator and configuring a virtual device; connecting and testing on an actual device; testing and debugging applications

[Introduction to the Java programming language (if included). Note: If included, the language is introduced strictly for the purpose of being able to practically use the language to access the Android API and to make Android applications; full and complete mastery of all aspects of the language would not be the objective in this module]

Creating a new Android project; starting a new application from scratch

Application configuration (permissions, application title, icon, required API versions, etc.)

Key concepts of an Android application (activities, views, layouts, intents, context, application)

Commonly used APIs: Graphical user interface (GUI) components, networking APIs, audio, animations, camera, hardware sensors, preferences, SQL database)

Multithreading and background processing

Differences between different versions of Android; managing the differences from a developer's perspective; best practices for application design and implementation

Deployment, release and distribution of applications (signing applications, obfuscation, Google Play)


8 days


All Emerge trainings can be conducted in different locations globally, in customer offices, shared facilities, Emerge-provided training centers, online or through other means, depending on the requirements of the training participants.

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