Sheila Tabligan, Emerge Graduate

"The Emerge trainors genuinely help their trainees learn."

During my college days, most of my fellow students thought that Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) course is one of the easiest course amongst other courses and IT related jobs were easier than any other jobs. And because I thought so too, I took an IT course in college but I was wrong. Good thing I was given an opportunity to be included in an Emerge training program right after my college graduation. The training program covers soft skill training, programming fundamentals, OOP, Java, Android, APIs and Microsoft technologies, just to name a few. Nothing in what I just mentioned were easy for me. That's when I got a clear understanding of what software programming and the profession I had chosen were all about.

The training started with the fundamentals of programming, but because of the large gap between what was taught to me in college and the Emerge training program, I struggled to cope from one topic to another. Activities became harder and harder to finish and I took longer hours to comply for the daily requirements of the training. After weeks in the training I realized that I know very little about software programming and at this point, I just want to give up and not finish the training. One of the few things that made me decide to stay and finish the training was the noticeable difference between the teachers from my college days and the Emerge trainors. The Emerge trainors genuinely help their trainees learn. The topics may be hard to comprehend but the trainors will discuss topics that the class is having a hard time understanding several times until we, the trainees, grasp the topics. Even if the trainors need to do one on one sessions to students that are delayed compared to the rest of the class. I was one of those students who needed special attention.

Graduating as an Emerge training program completer was one of my greatest achievement. I learned not just how to write code but to work hard. I am braver now, I'll take on new programming task any time of the day not because I know the technology to be used but because I know I have what it takes to finish the task.

Emerge Training did not give up on me, so I did not give up on myself.

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