Renzy Ortega, Emerge Graduate

"If you are looking for an effective way to learn programming and to do serious software development, then Emerge training is for you."

Back when I was still a student, I got really excited when I received an opportunity to be part of the 5-day Eqela Game Development Training. Originally I was not included in the group of selected students that were given a slot to attend the training, but one of my classmates had to give up her spot because of a prior commitment, so I got in and participated in the training. Hearing about what Eqela can do and my schoolmates feedback, it made me think "Is that really possible?".

The trainors were exceptional in teaching us the Eqela programming language, and we were able to finish a complete multi-platform mobile application by day 5. Despite the fact that during that time, it would have normally taken weeks for us to even understand a new programming language. The 5 days of training were short but for me those 5 days were the most important days of my career. That training was a milestone that pushed me to learn more and to be better in what I do as a software engineer.

After that, I also attended other trainings conducted by Emerge, such as the Android Application Development Training, Advanced Java Programming and Mobile Core Applications Development Training, all of which improved my programming skills and logical abilities.

Yes, there are also many other training providers out there that can teach how to code by showing actual code and allowing copy pasting from Stack Overflow, so that their students can finish the activities in their trainings. In Emerge trainings, however, the topics and activities complement each other and work together to provide a complete understanding of the topics and technologies. Emerge creates an environment that encourages training participants to independently finish their activities and projects. This way Emerge is adding value to the training participants and not to the development tools we use or the technologies we cover in the training. One of the many important rules that I will never forget is from my first training with them is the rule that prohibited copying and pasting altogether, and all auto complete functionality had to be disabled in the text editor and other developer tools that we used. This rule may feel insignificant for some, but it makes Emerge trainings and their approach for teaching their students how to code unique. Since Emerge promotes that "the only way to learn programming is by writing code", it is indeed true that we did write all the code by ourselves during the training. The sense of fulfilment when doing the activities and the projects that came after is what makes me feel proud of being an Emerge graduate.

If you want to just listen to someone while they tell you how to code while you are jogging, Emerge is not what you are looking for. But if you are looking for an effective way to learn programming and to do serious software development, then sign up for an Emerge training now.

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