Red Salvilla, Emerge Graduate

"The day the training started I knew it will change my life forever. "

I participated in an Emerge training while I was on my 3rd year in college. I could say I was a fairly normal college student that did not have a clear goal in life, no plan after graduation and will go with the flow. I was a simple person from the province who just wanted to graduate. But what kind of job would be out there, what is the right job for me, and am I ready for the right job? That time I only had one year left in college and I knew I was still not ready and it scared me.

The day the training started I knew it will change my life forever. I was taught to dress to impress, to work with a team, to work hard and admit when I am wrong. I learned to value time - others and mine, to say please, thank you and sorry, to listen to people around me, and to speak my mind without being misunderstood. Mathematics for programming, programming logic, object oriented programming, Java, Android, and a long list of Microsoft technologies are just some of the topics that were covered. The delivery of each topic was so effective that I learned to be good in Math. And ultimately I developed my first Android application.

Attending the training is one of the most unforgettable experiences I have. In the process of learning I have gotten to know myself and have acquired a sense of direction. Now I will continue to use what I have learned from Emerge Trainings. I will continue to learn new technologies along the way. The tasks assigned to me as a Software Engineer require me to learn new things to successfully complete them, but because I was trained to withstand different work environment and challenges in the training, I EMERGE as victor.

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