Naira Navarro, Emerge Graduate

"The training did not just train me how to be a programmer but it equipped me to handle different requirements of my future job as a programmer."

I took a course in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) in a state college near to where I live. I took BSIT not because the school is conveniently near nor was it a course that I wanted, but because the tuition fee for BSIT is what my mother was able to afford.

Though BSIT is not what I wanted, I still studied hard, absorbed as much as I was able. I thought I was ready to face the world outside college. I thought I had everything I needed to start my career. Then one of my teachers in school announced that there will be an Emerge Training that was open for fresh graduates like me. I knew that if I participate in the training I would gain more knowledge.

Unknowingly, the knowledge I gained in 15 training days was way more than what I had learned in my 4 years in college. During the training I learned how to speak articulately, communicate clearly, and present confidently in front of an audience. I learned about different programming languages and coding conventions where the correct coding format and correct use of spaces and indentions were taught. Topics that took months to discuss in school were covered in just days in the training. I found this amazing. The irony of that is that there are still so much I do not know even after the training, but what Emerge Trainings taught me is to be able to learn new things, because there will always be new technologies that I do not know.

The entire training was challenging. The projects, the assignments and the daily activities that needed to be submitted before the day ends (11:59 PM). There were 36 participants in the beginning of the training, but only 11 graduated in my batch. That's how challenging it was.

The training did not just train me how to be a programmer but it equipped me to handle different requirements of my future job as a programmer. I could have learned all these in my 4 years in college but I didn't. It is a sad realization that most of my teachers would also need this training. They need to learn how to produce programmers who can develop quality software products. They need to learn the discipline and passion (I don't know if one can learn to be passionate about something) of the Emerge trainors in managing individual student's progress and the entire class in general.

Now as a Software Engineer and Software Quality Engineer at Job and Esther Technologies (J&E), I am now part of the company that manages EMERGE Trainings. Their expertise, purpose, passion and eagerness to help every student they train inspired me and made me want to join their team. And I am thankful that they saw potential in me that I was unaware of. I was given an opportunity to start my career at J&E. I am exposed to the different stages of software development, I design and specify test plans, develop APIs for low level programming, get to work with an amazing team and still provide for my family's needs. Like the training, it is not easy, there are challenging tasks, misunderstandings with coworkers, stress because you can't successfully compile your work, and frustrations. But I know that these are all worth it, I know that I'm a better person today than I was before I knew J&E. Challenges and difficulties in work (in life) will always be there. We just need to learn how to overcome them, in God I trust. I am glad that it's J&E that brought me to where I am today and helped me become what I have become.

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