Lea Pangcobela, Emerge Graduate

"Simply because of how the training was managed and run, it naturally developed the self discipline in me."

One of the special gifts that I received before my college graduation was to be part of an Emerge training. I still remember how happy I was when I received an SMS informing me that I am part of the training. As a fresh graduate, I attended the training to learn programming and to get ahead in the job hunting game. I did get a job and more, but the training was not easy.

I find the training intense in the beginning up to the end. The training was hands-on 85% of the time, that means less of the discussion on programming concepts and straight to writing code. I wrote more code in the training than during my four years in college combined. Understanding the fundamentals of programming and the countless activities made it difficult to a point that I wanted to stop attending but as the training continued, it made me realize that giving up is not an option for me to have a bright future. I've truly learned programming in the training and not in school, topics like how to read APIs and how to use different software technologies that are used in companies in the software industry were discussed. And those were not introduced in school.

Simply because of how the training was managed and run, it naturally developed the self discipline in me. I became independent enough to work on my own. The training program included an effective communication module, where the interactive activities developed my communication skills and at the same time I gained self-confidence. Same with the ability to do programming, I did not expect that I would be able to believe in myself and my capabilities. Looking back, the training was more than a technical training that covered programming topics and technologies. The training equipped me to be a well rounded individual that can survive and adapt to different situations in the workplace and in life in general. Now I am part of the software industry that I thought before I would not be part of. Participating in the technical program that Emerge training conducted was one of the best decisions I made so far in my life. As an Assistant Emerge Trainor and an Eqela Software Engineer now, I handle different projects and technologies that are most of the time challenging, but I confidently take on the challenge because I am built to overcome CHALLENGES.

I am a proud Emerge Trainings alumnus.

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