Jonathan Liso-an, Emerge Graduate

"The way the topics were taught and the extended hours of coaching from the Emerge trainors were the key factors that enabled me to be able to understand programming. "

Software Engineers are not born, they are made.

I came from a province in the Philippines, where my mother works as house help in the city to provide for our family's needs. Needless to say, I am poor. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology without ever having my own computer. I wanted to help my family, especially my mother, in providing for our family's needs. I have been looking forward for the day that I will graduate from college and start working.

A few weeks before my graduation day, my class adviser informed our class that there will be a software development training in the city. I decided to participate in the interview and assessment exam for the software development training.

I have not been interviewed before nor have I gone through an assessment for programmers. I assumed that I would not qualify to participate, and that's why I did not expect it when I was selected to participate in the training program. It was indeed a great opportunity and a happy moment. That moment of happiness was cut short when I started to prepare for the training. That time I still did not own a laptop to use in the training, I did not have money to cover for my daily needs for the entire three weeks run of the training and I did not have a place to stay in the city. In that way, the training was already difficult for me long before it started.

For some of the other training participants who did not have these problems, their hardships only started on the first day of the training. The first course module of the training was effective communication that required us to speak, read and write in English. Just when I thought I had experienced enough hardship, then the programming topics followed. There was so much that I did not know about programming. The way the topics were taught and the extended hours of coaching from the Emerge trainors were the key factors that enabled me to be able to understand programming. The activities were direct applications of each of the topics. I struggled so much to finish each activity. I felt that I was always the last one to finish the activities. I wanted to give up. Then I reminded myself that I wanted to be a software engineer, like the Emerge trainors.

I conquered the hardships of the training and completed the software development training. It was like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park. When all the dinosaurs have escaped their cages.

I am now one of the software engineers that continue to develop and maintain a programming language converter. I design and develop APIs, create backend functionalities, set up and maintain servers, develop and publish mobile applications to different stores and I document my work. You see, the writing part in the beginning of the training was there to prepare me to also write technical documentation. Most people say that the technology company I am part of develops the impossible. I enjoy developing the impossible.

They say that diamonds are formed under pressure and extreme heat, but they are not formed overnight. It took me a while to be a diamond. Let Emerge Trainings help you become one too.

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