Harley Lampawog, Emerge Graduate

"Emerge Trainings reminded me how to be a student to become a TEACHER with the right heart and the right mindset."

I am a college teacher. I did not intend to be one until my first mentor in teaching introduced me to my first teaching job. That was when I realized that teaching gives me joy.

I attended the "Advanced Programming for Teachers" training that was open for teachers teaching technology based subjects. The training was sponsored by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental and was delivered by Emerge Trainings.

I am familiar with how Emerge trainings are conducted but when it was my turn to participate, I noticed that first hand experience is different from being a spectator. The trainors have different personalities but all of them follow the Emerge way of discipline in teaching. A normal day would include lectures, class discussions, group activities and individual activities.

I would travel a good 4 hours a day just to attend the training. After attending full days of activities, I still need to do the work that is assigned to me as a college teacher. Most participants in my class will most probably say the same thing and use this as an excuse to arrive late and leave early in the training. My class was composed of teachers from different part of the Negros Occidental province. Some had been teaching between 10-20 years. Some were like me who had just started teaching. Aside from us all coming from Negros Occidental and the fact that we were all educators, the common thing among us was that we all had been used to our old ways. Old ways that are not all good with regards to the way we teach our students.

Habits are hard to break and make. For an entire group to break what we are used to for a very long time will be painful for us and for the one that will introduce a new habit. Attending the Emerge training will make you break bad habits and start good habits. The training has consistently emphasized on the importance of discipline and hard work to achieve individual and long term goals. This makes Emerge training stand out from other trainings that I have attended. Regardless of technology, method or practice, only with discipline and hard work will our efforts have good outcome.

Needless to say that most of the time of the training was difficult. We are not used to being students anymore, we are used to giving instructions and grading our students and not the other way around. Most of us have forgotten why we are teaching and why we continue to teach. In a very surprising beginning of the training, we were reminded to be students first to find our way to becoming worthy to be called TEACHERS. I was glad I attended an Emerge training.

As an educator it is now my turn and duty to impart to my students the importance of discipline and hard work the EMERGE way.

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