Engr. Marinella Tose, Emerge Graduate

"Emerge trainings provide an environment that fosters skills enhancement, performance measurement, and engagement of people through knowledge sharing and team work."

A diamond in the rough.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of the 1st Mobile Game Development Training conducted outside Metro Manila, held last August 2013 in our city, Ciudad de Zamboanga, Philippines. As a software development practitioner and a university instructor at Western Mindanao State University, I consider it as one of the best and extensive trainings that I have gone through. The training was both demanding and fulfilling. When I first met the trainors from Job and Esther Technologies, the company behind Emerge Trainings, I was thinking that it would be just like any other training that I've attended. But after 20 days, and an average of 18 hours a day... there's no doubt about how important this training is, not just to us as participants but most especially to the future of game development in our city.

The 1st Mobile Game Development Training Program was spearheaded by the Game Developers Association of the Philippines, in cooperation with then Department of Science and Technology – Information and Communication Technology Office (DOST-ICTO), which is now the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) of the Philippines. So how did I get into this training? First and foremost, I was asked to do so by my boss. On the other hand, I said yes because it was an opportunity that I did not want to miss. Learning something new and innovative, and most especially from the industry experts themselves, is something that you don't get every day. This training helped me see what I can still improve in our graduates and my teaching strategies in the classroom, and in my learning strategies as a continuous learner. As an instructor, the knowledge and experience that I have gained has greatly helped me in molding and motivating my students to become the IT professionals that the industry needs.

It was also a unique experience that I got to be together with our graduates, my former students, during this training. And while working with them, I couldn't have been more proud as I watched how hard they worked and still maintained a good outlook in the midst of their struggles. Just as they commented, "this is like our software engineering subject again… only you do it every day and every night".

More than the skills that I have gained is the realization of a need for continuous learning, aligning to the industry's needs. And more important than the individual task accomplishment is the ability to motivate others to endure and strive for excellence in whatever stratosphere in the organization they might be. I think this is what Emerge Trainings provides… an environment that fosters skills enhancement, performance measurement, and engagement of people through knowledge sharing and team work.

I am very grateful to have been a part of this training and even more grateful that Zamboangueños were considered and were given this rare opportunity. This one training was followed by more trainings sponsored by other industry partners and stakeholders. Job and Esther Technologies' generosity in sharing their expertise provided a future and hope for the homegrown talents of the city… much like a diamond in the rough. All in all, it was an enriching experience both professionally and personally. Muchisimas Gracias!

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