Each organization is unique and so are their learning requirements. Is there a need for you to use a new system, programming language, developer tool, technology, brand or a way to develop a project in your group? Would you want your team to learn new technologies and upgrade their skill level on your preferred schedule and venue, guided and taught by experienced software engineers? Whatever your requirement may be, Emerge Trainings provides tailored training programs for different organizations.

Pre-employment Technical Assessment Solutions

To increase the probability of hiring the right people for your team, Emerge Trainings provides customized pre-employment technical assessments that include a computer programmer aptitude test, technically focused interviews, and assessment reports with recommendations. The pre-assessment activities can be combined with bootcamps. This solution may be implemented as a part of the organization's online or offline application process and/or face to face or teleconference interviews. Each applicant will have an assessment report that includes recommendations. Emerge Trainings pre-employment technical assessment verifies the accuracy of an applicant's self assessment about his technical skill level.

Customized Trainings Solutions

Emerge Trainings designs bootcamps for new hires, existing employees and/or in-house consultants that require upskilling. We always customize our training programs based on the needs of the organization and individual training attendees. We can either create new training materials, customize existing modules, add, remove or adjust the contents, deliver the material with a different emphasis, or we can merge modules, all based on your requirements. All of our customized trainings include pre and post assessment exams and an assessment report with recommendations. The trainings may be conducted in your office, outside your office, in an Emerge Trainings training facility near you or online. So if you have a specific technical learning requirement, we'd love to help.

Documentation Solutions

At Emerge Trainings, we believe that to be effective in developing high grade software products, it is necessary to have proper documentation. Documentation is not commonly available for in-house developed systems and applications. If available, it will require maintenance. This is the same for software products that are customized for an organization. Over time, the documents become obsolete and the content and references are no longer valid or applicable.

Emerge Trainings Documentation Solutions caters for the documentation requirements of organizations. We write and develop comprehensive documentation materials for the following:

  • Product Documentation

  • Process Documentation

  • Project Documentation

  • Technical Documentation

To produce high quality documentation, a Technical Documentation Specialist should possess research skills, analytical and technical writing skills and he/she must also be able to easily understand how technologies work. Emerge Trainings maintains in-house technical writers, project managers and software engineers that serve as Technical Documentation Specialists. Our documentation specialists work closely with our clients to produce and write clear and easily understandable documentation materials that are based on interviews, research and data gathering. We help organizations start their documentation libraries and we help maintain them as well. With Emerge Trainings, you have an entire team of documentation specialists available to assist you.

Software Quality Engineering Solutions

At Emerge Trainings, we value quality in every aspect of software development. Ensuring good quality and high performance software products, software systems and software applications means performing tests several times until the quality of the software becomes acceptable to the users, product owners and stakeholders. We work with different organizations quality engineering groups to provide them with test cases and test scripts in spreadsheet format for manual testing and test scripts in executable software format for automated testing, utilizing various automated testing frameworks.

All Emerge Trainings software quality engineering solutions may include reports and/or documentation. Documentation may include change and version summaries, test results and recommendations for fixes and improvements. Inclusions of deliverables may vary based on your needs. Our quality engineers have once delivered 16,358 test cases for one software system. They breathe and live on anything and everything quality.

We also provide system audits and source code reviews as project-based engagements and/or on a monthly basis.

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