Node.js is a popular, open source, cross platform JavaScript runtime environment commonly used for the development of server side web applications. Emerge as a training provider offers several different options for Node.js training courses in the Philippines and other countries including basic, intermediate and advanced Node.js modules which can be conducted on-site, in the Emerge training center or in other kinds of classroom settings or learning environments.

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Training approach

As with all Emerge trainings, the Node.js trainings of Emerge are focused on practical, hands-on guided activities that are intended to produce real, practical expertise in the covered topics. We provide normal curriculums and standard training module designs, but can also customize training runs to the needs of the training group, both in terms ot the topics covered and the schedules of the training.

Training topics

The following topics are included in our Node.js outlines:

The web environment: Networking and network sockets, IP, TCP, IPv4, IPv6, NAT, Wireshark, UDP, ICMP, SCTP, ports, sockets, DNS, HTTP, proxies, port forwarding, nature and functionality of HTTP, HTTP GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, Web API, XML-RPC, SOAP, URL formats and designs, REST, Web servers, web server performance and benchmarking, database models and data encapsulation (RDBMS, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, XML, JSON)

Node.js fundamentals: Introduction to JavaScript and ES6 (ECMAScript6) features, introduction to Node.js, synchronous vs. asynchronous programming, Node.js modules and NPM, filesystem access in Node.js, handling HTTP POST in Node.js, developing API client applications with Node.js, error handling in Node.js

Higher level APIs and features: TCP/IP services on Node.js, template engines, Object Document Mappers (ODM) / Mongoose, Express.js, websocket and, OAuth 2.0, access tokens, AJAX and Node.js

Web API integration: Twitter web APIs, Twitter applications, integrating with the Twitter REST API using Node.js, Twitter streaming APIs, Twitter login using Node.js, designing a Twitter-integrated application, accessing third party web APIs, Facebook integration / API access, Facebook login flow, Facebook applications, Facebook JavaScript SDK, Facebook sharing API

Scaling and optimizing: Load balancing, round robin DNS, HAProxy, horizontal vs. vertical scaling, scaling multiple tiers, database replication and sharding, optimizing file hosting, cloud storage and content delivery networks (CDN), distributed computing

Training Outlines

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