The academic partnership program of Emerge aims to enhance the skillset of students and teachers through partnerships between schools and Emerge. The training participants will learn skills relevant to the industry, directly from industry practicioners.


Many students who graduate with a degree in Information Technology or Computer Science do not end up working in the field that they have studied. Those that are committed to their industry, frequently seek to be employed abroad and not where they actually studied. The problem is definitely a combination of several factors, but some major ones can easily be identified: There is a noticeable gap between industry expertise required to remain globally competitive, and the skillsets and knowledge of the graduating students. As a result, a very large part of the work offered in many local industries is mostly involved in maintenance and support, and less on development. Where this is the case, attractive employment opportunities for talented individuals are likewise missing.

Should there be a higher concentration of the higher disciplines of software engineering talent available in a given local industry, this would ultimately lead to creation of local companies, projects and employment opportunities that would be more likely to attract the talented individuals that would otherwise be forced to seek interesting employment outside the country. This would further lead to business growth, and to creation of more jobs, and yet more opportunities in the field.

We believe that a key to unlocking this bright future lies in skillset development, specifically in the field of software engineering. And while industry professionals can and should be trained, the key to long term success and sustainable industry lies in the schools, and among the students that will be graduating, and moving into the industry.

Training Options

As part of the wider Emerge training initiative, the primary aim of the trainings offered through this capability and community development partnership program is to develop a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding in the students, and not just mastery of a particular single technology, product or brand. Special focus is also given to the ability of the students to become flexible in terms of technology options, and for them to be able to develop software on different devices, operating systems and platforms, as we recognize that especially with the advent of mobile platforms, together with the rising popularity of mobile gaming, the challenge to develop software for different operating systems and hardware configurations has become even greater than before. The problems of today include: How to deal with different mobile platforms while still maintaining a desktop presence, and also targeting the web? How to write the code; what are the different technical architectures / methods for approaching the different platforms; how to optimize performance, while maintaining security? Based also on the unique expertise of the Emerge trainors on these very topics, we aim to assist the students to understand the differences between the different technologies, and to better position themselves in the highly competitive industry.

The specific trainings offered through this capability and community development partnership program include the following modules:

Level one modules

The level one modules are to be taken first, and serve as prerequisites for all level two modules.

Effective Communication For Professionals Programming Fundamentals

Level two modules

Level 2 modules are to be taken after completing all of the level 1 modules. These are representative of specific possible specializations, and can be chosen also based on the current needs of employers.

Game Development for Android, iOS and web Full Stack Web Development Learn Java HTML5 Application Development iOS Application Development Android Application Development Java EE

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