Emerge is a technical training initiative focused on practical expertise, real hands-on experience, programming, coding, software engineering, application development, and generally writing, producing, maintaining or testing software source code. Executed through lectures and guided exercises, Emerge trainings are available for most popular technologies available today and can be availed either by professionals, individuals and/or academic institutions.

About Emerge

Emerge is a brand-independent training program targeted for IT professionals and students, with the explicit objective of elevating the skillsets and competence levels in the industry, as well as of providing practical, hands-on experience in developing software applications and writing code in various languages and utilizing various techniques and technologies.

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Training Philosophy

For those trainings that are not product-specific by their primary nature, all teaching is aimed to be done in a brand-agnostic manner, unless otherwise spefically requested by the client(s). It is our objective to convey the principles, ideas, knowledge and the concepts for each given topic; not any specific products, implementations or brands (not even our own). This way it is our aim that the participants will be able to generalize their knowledge, and to apply it in various changing circumstances in their professional careers. We feel that it is a great disservice to our trainees and students to familiarize them in specific products only, in which case they tend to become unable to apply their knowledge in changing environments. Even in the trainings that are catering for specific products, our aim is to help the participants understand the concepts and the ways things work, so that they themselve will be in a position to innovate and develop further.

All trainings are inherently hands-on trainings, and much focus is placed on practical exercises, feedback and correction. We have noticed that many software engineering graduates (and even professionals) may have gone through a perfectly good computer engineering degree program, but have never developed any practical programs in real life. Sometimes, even those that have worked for many years have at times only been involved in maintaining and fixing an existing program written by someone else; never in designing and creating one from scratch on their own. As we recognize that the only way to learn software engineering is through first hand practical experience, we wish to provide an opportunity for this during all of our trainings. Often our programs would include an extensive programming project, which is implemented with the instructor's guidance, often with numerous rounds of feedback, corrections and modifications.

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