The C++ language is a mature, powerful object oriented language that combines the performance of the C language with the object oriented features expected from modern development platforms. C++ continues to be popular especially in applications where power, speed and efficiency are considered critical. This training module aims to introduce the language and its various concepts so that the participants will be able to efficiently use the language to develop different kinds of applications.


The C++ language, history and comparison to other languages

General syntax, control structures, file layouts, conventions, code formatting, main function

Object oriented features and their usage (classes, methods, constructors, destructors, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, inner classes, access modifiers, static class members, composition, aggregation, constant members)

Memory management considerations, creating and deleting objects, allocating and unallocationg memory, memory management techniques and best practices

String management and manipulation

References and pointers

Data structures

Standard template library (STL)

C++ operators and operator overloading

Exception handling



5 days


All Emerge trainings can be conducted in different locations globally, in customer offices, shared facilities, Emerge-provided training centers, online or through other means, depending on the requirements of the training participants.

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