All computer programs, regardless of the programming language or technology used to develop them, are essentially sets of instructions that are executed by processors. In this module, we look at those instructions and processors in more detail, and see how they connect to different devices, operating systems and programming languages. At the same time, we will learn how to develop small programs using C, Java and JavaScript and in the process, we will also note how those languages are both similar and different. We will get familiar with the common logic and the distinct features of these languages while developing small programs through hands-on exercises. Overall, this module aims to establish a firm foundation that will afterwards enable the attendees to more effectively attain additional learning in the field of software development.


Processors, programming languages and operating systems

How computers work, different kinds of processors and how they are programmed

Common concepts: Programming language, syntax, compiler, interpreter, API, API reference, class library

The C Programming Language (fundamentals)

Java Programming (fundamentals)

Commonly used data structures (array, linked list and hash table)

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming

Programming with JavaScript


6 days


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