PHP is one of the popular programming languages / platforms for the development of applications for the web. Used by a very large number of websites all around the world, PHP is instrumental in enabling the world wide web to exist. In this module, we introduce the PHP programming platform from a practical perspective of developing web sites and applications. We look at the syntax of PHP, followed by language features, library features, and offer several kinds of practical tips and tricks on how to make the best possible PHP programs.


Syntax and formatting, relationship with HTML; purpose, functionality and operational mechanism

How to download and install PHP, connecting with web servers

Use of PHP with different web servers: Apache, Nginx

Language constructs, control structures, etc.

Arrays, hash tables and other data structures

Object oriented programming

Receiving requests and sending responses. Handling GET and POST requests.

Reading and writing files

Accessing databases

Cookies and sessions

Developing for the MVC approach

XML and JSON support

Web services; what are they, and how to implement them

Designing and implementing REST APIs in PHP

Using JavaScript and AJAX to community with PHP programs

Two ways for making dynamic sites: Server and client side processing

Add-ons, extensions and other third party software

Development environments / IDEs

Developer utilities


5 days


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