Object oriented programming as a development paradigm is currently the norm and the industry standard. Almost all professionally developed software programs would usually employ object-oriented programming structures and methodologies. This module is designed to ensure that the level of knowledge, competence and skillset of the participants will be on the level of the current cutting-edge industry practices.


Introduction to object oriented programming

Object oriented programming languages

Concepts (Objects and classes; Interfaces; Methods; Inheritance (and multiple inheritance); Polymorphism; Constructors and destructors; Exceptions (error handling); Signals; Properties, getters, setters; Closures; Delegates)

Techniques and design patterns (Using abstract classes and interfaces; Singleton; Factory; Observers / listeners; Using signals; Designing an API; Using public and private class members)

Designing class structures and hierarchies

Language comparison (Java, JavaScript, C#, C++)


3 days


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