This Java course introduces the core Java technologies to the training participants, including the Java programming language, the Java framework APIs, the Java virtual machine (JVM), as well as the necessary development tools. Learn Java programming in a class directed by a professional industry trainor, learning through hands-on activities and practical Java lessons that prepare participants for actual real life work. Learning Java programming in this way can be both fun and productive.

Our Java classes can cater for groups of different levels, including seasoned professionals, students and newbies. Looking for Java programming for beginners? Send us an inquiry.


What is Java? History, background, purpose

Architecture, design and functionality of Java

Compiler, bytecode and JVM

The components of a Java environment


Overview of core Java technologies: J2SE, J2EE, (J2ME), JavaFX, Swing, AWT, ..

Setting up a Java development environment

Classes and Java source code files

Variables and control structures

Java data types

Math operations

Strings, characters and string operations

Arrays, array variables and array operations

Multi-dimensional arrays

Storing objects and value types in arrays

Array and ArrayList (static and dynamic arrays)

LinkedList and ArrayList

Using the Map data structure

A function vs. a method

Declaring and calling methods in Java

Declaring classes and methods (including inner classes)

Constructors (private and public) and destructors

Class variables, instance variables and local variables

Extending classes (inheritance)

Creating and implementing interfaces

Polymorphism of classes

Exception handling

Getters and setters



Enum types


Autoboxing and unboxing

Variable arguments

Organizing classes into Java packages

Creating libraries as JAR files

The meaning and purpose of APIs

Java API reference documentation

Using the Apache Ant build system

Using the Maven build system

Unit testing (JUnit)

Test driven development

Dependency injection, mock objects


8 days


All Emerge trainings can be conducted in different locations globally, in customer offices, shared facilities, Emerge-provided training centers, online or through other means, depending on the requirements of the training participants.

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