A typical web application or website is composed of several components, often including software components for front-end (user interface), web server, application server and database server, potentially including web APIs and other middleware components. In this module we discuss web application development on all of the levels, from the perspective of a complete application, using commonly used modern technologies and programming languages (notably eg. Java EE, ASP.NET, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS). After this module, the attendees are expected to be able to understand and be able to develop software on any or all of the levels of web application structure.


The structure of the web: Protocols, technologies and architectures (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Different ways of creating and serving web content (ASP.NET, Java EE, PHP, Node.js)

Serving web content in different file formats (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JPG, PNG, ..)

Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop web pages

HTML template processing and dynamic web content

Dynamic templates and processing of content from different data sources

Creating dynamic HTML pages via text template engines, organizing templates

Developing websites using structured content (JSON)

Retrieving dynamic web content from other websites and web services

Incorporating dynamic content on web pages via AJAX

The different kinds of databases (file storage, relational databases / SQL, document databases / NoSQL, serverless databases)

Database API frameworks and how they can be used

Connecting to external SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL)

Incorporating database access in web applications: How to save data on a web server?

Database, web servers and the network: Common system architectures

Introduction to web application deployment, cloud computing and locally installed servers

The meaning, purpose and functionality of REST APIs

How to design and implement a good REST web API

Best practices for designing web APIs in the current industry

Documenting a REST API

Using REST APIs in a bigger application: Developing the HTML front-end, REST API backend and connecting them to a mobile application


5 days


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