The participants will learn how to develop software application using the Microsoft .NET platform using the C# programming language. This module starts by introducing the .NET platform, together with the syntax of C#. Various aspects of the .NET platform are then explored through practical examples and assignments, including GUI programming and web development. A considerable emphasis is given to ASP.NET development, specifically utilizing the MVC framework.


The Microsoft .NET framework (history, origin, goals, architecture, components, CLR)

C# programming (syntax, variables, control structures, code blocks, indentation, data types, literals, operators, classes, methods, method parameters, constructors, arrays, foreach, strings, operator overloading, inheritance, virtual methods, interfaces, enumerations, properties, exception handling, delegates, lambda expressions, events)

Debugging and testing C# applications (troubleshooting, tracing, common build errors, unit testing, unit testing frameworks, the Nunit testing framework)

ASP.NET web development (ASP, ASP.NET, Web Forms, MVC3)


15 days


All Emerge trainings can be conducted in different locations globally, in customer offices, shared facilities, Emerge-provided training centers, online or through other means, depending on the requirements of the training participants.

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