Software development in the mobile world follows a specific paradigm, and many of the technologies involved are different from before. The co-existence of several competing operating systems and software platforms in the market makes it mandatory for software developers to be able to address different devices, different platforms and different operating systems. This requires developers to become familiar and comfortable using the different technologies from various vendors. This training module introduces several of the most popular platforms currently in the market, their technology approaches and methodologies, along with hands-on development tasks on each, enabling the participants to have a complete picture, along with practical experience, of software development in the current mobile industry targeting several different platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone and HTML5.


Industry and technology landscape

Apple iOS

Google Android

Windows 10 / Windows Phone


Cross platform development


5 days


All Emerge trainings can be conducted in different locations globally, in customer offices, shared facilities, Emerge-provided training centers, online or through other means, depending on the requirements of the training participants.

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